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A Disciple. [Question for John E. Page.] Morning Chronicle (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) (17 June 1842).

For the Chronicle.

In your paper of yesterday we are furnished with another lengthy article from Elder John E. Page, giving us the “flattering notices” of himself, promised us in his communication of the day previous, and also his account of the troubles in Missouri.—Now, what have we to do with all this? The Governor of Illinois may have been “much pleased with the sermon of Mr. Hyde,” but what of that? If he had ever said this much for Elder Page, what bearing ought it to have on the matters which interest this community? As Elder Page still shuns the question, I will take the liberty of placing one or two items of Mormonism where they properly stand, opposite christianity—thus:

“Nevertheless thine enemy is in

“Love your enemies, bless them thine hand and if thou reward him that curse you, do good to them according to his work thou art that hate you and pray for them justified: if he has sought thy life that dispitefully use you and and thy life is endangered by him persecute you, that you may be thine enemy is in thine hand and the children of your Father which thou art justified.— Doc. and Cov. is in heaven.”— Mat. v, 44 & 45.

p. 218.

“But I say unto you that ye resist

“Let us resist evil and whatsoever not evil, but whosoever shall evil we cannot resist with our smite thee on the right cheek turn words, yea, such as rebellion and to him the other also,” etc.— Mat. dissentions, let us resist them with v, 39. our swords.”— Book of Mormon p 399.

“If thine enemy hunger feed him, if he thirst give him drink.”—

“Confound your enemies; call

Romans. 12 20. upon them to meet you both in public and private.” Book of Mormon p. 225.

Will Elder Page inform us if these quotations are correct? A DISCIPLE.

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