Mormonism, alias Truth


Morning Chronicle Page, John E.

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Page, John E. “Mormonism, alias Truth.” Morning Chronicle (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) (8 July 1842).


Defended against foul calumniating falsehoods and misrepresentations, that have been lately published in those respected columns, viz:—“The Morning Chronicle,” of the city of Pittsburgh as copied from the “New York Watchman.”


After having pursued the history of this individual so far, we shall now proceed to detail the precise manner in which the Spaulding story originated, respecting the manuscript found, which it is supposed by some, has been transmuted into the Book of Mormon.

[John E. Page then cites Benjamin Winchester’s Origin of the Spaulding Theory.]

[Winchester, B. The Origin of the Spaulding Story, Concerning the Manuscript Found, 1–16, 20–21. Philadelphia: Brown, Bicking & Guilpert, 1840.]

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